Ralph Mills



Ralph Mills at Dover, 1975
Barwicks Yard excavation, Dover 1975. My usual excavation kit — note the socks, worn that way to prevent soil getting inside my boots.

I was hooked on archaeology on my first "dig", Tonge Castle, near Sittingbourne, Kent, in 1965. My most recent excavation experience was at Shop Lock, on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, in 2019.

Most of my archaeological activities, as it was, involved "rescue" archaeology, snatching information before it was eradicated by the bulldozers of developers. I was, I suppose I still am, a highly skilled excavator, draftsperson and photographer. That I didn't become a career archaeologist or an academic was the result of a mix of a lack of required character and a slight discomfort in the company of the archaeological elite. I never really fitted in.

Last updated 28th May 2024